Important things to bear in mind when looking to rent in Dubai

There are many things you should have on your checklist when you are looking to rent an apartment in Dubai, but sometimes people’s judgments are clouded by what their ‘perfect property’ wish list includes, rather than taking a more sensible stance when searching for a property.

Of course the place you will be calling home has to have the key features you are looking for, but remember to be a little bit serious with your decision. For example, just because you love the size of the wardrobe or the view from the balcony, don’t overlook other crucial factors such as the location, building and any excess fees, such as chiller.

The saying goes ‘location, location, location’ and this should be extremely important on your checklist when searching for a Dubai home to rent. The location of the building, how accessible it is, how easy it is to get a taxi from/to, and how close you are to road works or busy traffic will factor greatly in your day to day life, so these things really need to be answered before you sign a tenancy agreement. There are plenty of beautiful apartments and houses to rent in the Emirate so you really can afford to be a bit picky with the requirements you have.

Another extremely important factor when looking to rent a Dubai apartment is the building your flat is on or the community your house is in. They say it is better to have the worst house on a good road, rather than the best house on the worst road, and this is also true in Dubai. If the apartment is great but the building and facilities are not up to par, don’t take it! Look for the overall package, otherwise you will be selling yourself short. The inside of an apartment can always be spruced up with some paint and decorating tips, but the building and its facilities will never change, so always bear that in mind!

Finally, make sure you ask about any community fees or chiller fees you will have to cover when to sign the tenancy agreement. Some areas in Dubai charge chiller fees to the tenant and some are covered by the landlord, but the last thing you want is to be handed over an enormous bill without expecting it! A chiller fee is also something that you can discuss with your realtor and try and get a good deal on.

So, remember, no matter how many apartments or houses you look at in Dubai, make sure the final one you decide to rent really ticks off all the boxes for you! Think with your head and your heart and you will have no problem finding a property you not only love, but one that also makes sense.