Made To Measure, NY

One of the best closets in present day films (other than Initiation) must be the one set up together for DRIVE featuring Ryan Gosling. I would never be gotten dead in that coat however the look he helped make with the support of a beautician must be a standout amongst the most pined for lately. It’s been so discussed and fixated over that numerous bloggers have attempted to reproduce his look (and unsuccessfully may I include) directly down to that lovely Patek Philippe watch. It was a model that was uncommonly made for the motion picture and can’t be discovered anyplace.

A great deal of exploration was carried out by numerous to discover a cheap option and the closest one was by SKAGEN. It’s got the sub dial, basic face, and tan band. It light and flimsy and from a separation looks a great deal like the DRIVE piece. Tragically its quartz and doesn’t have a stopwatch work on it. Yet in the event that you’re not anticipating being an escape drive with an affinity for crushing criminal’s heads in with your $1oo Stacy Adams boots, I don’t think you’ll miss that capacity.

I was sitting nearby Alan one day recording voice overs for his site and looked at his watch which I for the most part thought was some remarkable and unreasonable piece, just to be found or made in a spot just he knew of. As I looked a bit longer and closer I finally got the brand image towards the top.

“Is that a fucking Seiko??” I yelled.

Alan smiled wide and nodded as I sat baffled at how sublime and rich the watch scanned for a subsidizing brand.

“Everyone assumes its a Cartier,” Alan illuminated, “and I get a bona fide kick out of people’s reaction when I tell them its a $100 Seiko.”

After this little scene I became truly focused on finding the same model however to by no profit. I looked for everywhere. Amazon, Ebay, Etsy. Nothing. The mission continued for a couple of months until finally I headed in excess of one on Ebay. I set my max offer, crossed my fingers, and inexorably won the damn thing (after all my investigation I found the model number which is Sxb850). There’s in like manner one in all dull open on Amazon.

Seiko have been showing these Cartier like searches for a long while now. One of the closest to a true Cartier tank is one I found on, you hypothesized it, Ebay for $25. This one is practically accurately like the incredible tank straightforwardly down to the fake cabochon gemstone in the winder. These are a bit less requesting to find than the model above and when set by a genuine Cartier, hard to see what is important.