Tips for Renting a Serviced Apartment in Dubai

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As the rents in Dubai have been increasing over the last year, more people are opting to live in serviced residences instead of regular apartments or villas.

Offering spacious living space, as well as a fully equipped kitchen, serviced apartments boast all the comforts of your own home, with the hotel’s added benefits such as laundry, maid-service and room service!

Although many people would automatically assume that serviced apartments cost a fortune, when you compare the pricing a serviced residence actually works out as a similar amount to a high-standard apartment. All your bills are included, such as Wi-Fi, electricity and water, so the amount you pay to the hotel per month is the final amount, with no hidden charges!

Deciding to move into a serviced apartment in Dubai is also a great choice for those who frequently travel for their work. Businessmen or women can travel for extensive periods of time and know that their home is save and being looked after. If your travel will be longer than one or two months at a time, you can even contract your serviced apartment on a short-term basis. Although this means you would have to move your belongings somewhere else while you are away, it does give you the flexibility to only pay for the months you are staying in Dubai.

With a serviced residence you also do not have the hidden up-front payments that you get when you rent a private apartment or villa in Dubai. For the most part you do not have to give a deposit, there is no issues with the cheques and you do not have to pay to have the DEWA or Du set up! Although these expenses are not so huge when considered separately, they do add up and mean that you have to have a large amount of cash available up front when you are moving into a new property in Dubai.

Another benefit of renting a serviced apartment in Dubai is the amount of choice you have. You can opt for a cheaper option in a lesser-known chain of hotels in a cheaper option such as Bur Dubai or Tecom, or you can choose a luxurious apartment in an international hotel in Downtown Dubai or Dubai Marina. Just like when you choose a regular apartment, the same variety of options and rental prices are available with serviced apartments; you just need to spend time looking around for your perfect one. So if living in a serviced residence sounds like something that would suit your lifestyle and property needs, get in touch with a property agent today and discuss your options!