Shopping in Dubai from abroad

Shopping in Dubai is quite simply a mind-blowing experience that you’ll never forget. From the world’s biggest mall to authentic Arabian-style souks, Dubai is a serious shopper’s paradise. There’s even a “Shopping Festival” each year, so shopping has clearly found its home on Dubai’s national calendar. But shopping in Dubai from abroad can be a daunting prospect, so we’ve got some useful tips on how to make the most of this incredible consumerist experience.

Dubai’s famous malls – shopping out of this world

Shopping in Dubai is a far cry from the homely high streets of Britain. Dubai’s shopping malls are a sensational full day out in their own right. Not only will you find every household brand name under the sun, there are also endless cafés, restaurants and entertainment centres including cinemas, aquariums and even ski slopes. It seems that there’s nothing that can’t be added to one of Dubai’s shopping malls. Dubai’s largest mall attracts over 750,000 visitors every week, so shopping here is serious business. Check out the fashion boutiques for some great designer clothing sales and bargains.

Shop for diamonds in Dubai

For a diamond ring with a sparkle that will last a lifetime, Dubai is the place to go. With unbeatable prices and world-class expertise and knowledge, Dubai has countless gold and diamond stores where you can find some incredible deals, as well as the Dubai Diamond Exchange. You can buy your diamonds face to face by visiting the famous gold souks, an experience in itself, or buy your diamond through an online retailer such as Dubai Rocks and choose in advance. This will often get you the best possible deal, as online retail experts don’t have the same overheads and can offer more competitive prices on the diamonds you buy.

Soak up the atmosphere in the Souks

Dubai’s souks are a world apart from the ultra-modern malls. This is the closest you will get to a taste of authentic Dubai and a visit to the souks is all about enjoying the sounds, smells, colours and unique atmosphere on offer. The most popular souks to visit include the spice souk, which is a real treat for the senses, the perfume souk, the textile souk and of course the famous gold souk. This tantalizing array of shops literally glitters with gold, and each window is packed to the brim with gold jewellery. Walking through the gold souk you can easily see why Dubai has earned itself the name of City of Gold.

From the slick, modern wonder of Dubai’s biggest shopping malls to the authentic and bustling souks, Dubai provides an unmissable shopping experience. The malls can offer the world’s best known brands alongside high quality entertainment and cuisine, while the al fresco shopping of the souks makes for a refreshing change. Whether you’re shopping for gold and diamonds, local spices or high-end designer clothing, shopping in Dubai from abroad is an experience that won’t easily be forgotten.