Travel to Dubai during Ramadan

Ramadan is considered as the holiest month and is the 9th month according to the Islamic calendar. For the entire duration of Ramadan in Dubai, Muslims enter a sacred period of spiritual meditation and reflection on their faith and belief in Allah. In actual fact, Ramadan fasting is one of the Pillars of the Islamic culture.

Things to keep in mind during Ramadan while in Dubai:

Having your Ramadan in Dubai will be an exciting experience since Dubai is home to several amazing places like Burj Khalifa to Jumeira beach. This month is even more exciting for the residents of Dubai. People have to keep away from all addictions and the rules are strictly followed while fasting. So in order to have an enjoyable time during Ramadan in Dubai, you have to consider the following factors:

– During the month of Ramadan, Muslims are barred from drinking or eating anything during daylight hours. This is considered as one of the ways that Muslims concur to during this holy period. Not only do they refrain from drinking water and having meals during the daylight hours but also refrain from gossiping, cursing and smoking. In case you are traveling to Dubai or U.A.E in general during Ramadan then you should know that it is against the norm to drink, eat or smoke in public during daylight hours. It is also obvious that some of the restaurants and cafes will be closed throughout the day. Nevertheless, there are several places where they serve drinks and food for tourists.

– Music is also prohibited during the daytime hours of Ramadan fasting with the exception of some spiritual music. So it will be difficult for you to attend concerts or listen to loud music in restaurants or pubs. Dubai nightclubs are also closed during this holy period. Unassertive clothing is also commended.

– In general the conditions during the day are more subdued and people take it easy until night time. Individuals tend to work fewer hours and you’ll find most attraction centers either closed or with shorter serving hours. Once you hear the call to prayer that resembles the end of the fasting, you will feel a change in the atmosphere in Dubai. The fast is broken with dates and only after that the main meal is served. Most cafes and restaurants are even open during the night time. Muslim families get a chance to meet each other and enjoy their timely meals together

– At the end of the Ramadan period there is a public holiday on Eid-Ul-Fitr in Dubai, this is usually a big event while celebrations can last up to 3 days in Dubai, something you wouldn’t want to miss.

Things to remember while you are in Dubai during Ramadan:

  • No drinking, eating, cursing or smoking in public.
  • Dress well
  • No music
  • And while you are there ensure that you respect their religious beliefs.