Dubai Flea Market

Dubai is a shopper’s paradise. It caters for every preference and taste between its collection of gigantic shopping malls and traditional souks. However, if you are on a budget or in a mood for some haggling, Dubai Flea Market is the place for you. As the saying goes, one man’s trash is another man’s treasure. Continue Reading

Shopping in Dubai from abroad – What you need to know

Shopping in Dubai is quite simply a mind-blowing experience that you’ll never forget. From the world’s biggest mall to authentic Arabian-style souks, Dubai is a serious shopper’s paradise. There’s even a “Shopping Festival” each year, so shopping has clearly found its home on Dubai’s national calendar. But shopping in Dubai from abroad can be a Continue Reading

Have you considered renting a Serviced Residence in Dubai?

As the rents in Dubai have been increasing over the last year, more people are opting to live in serviced residences instead of regular apartments or villas. Offering spacious living space, as well as a fully equipped kitchen, serviced residences boast all the comforts of your own home, with the hotel’s added benefits such as Continue Reading

E-Learning in the Arab World is Not a Second-Class Citizen

The concept of e-learning is receiving more attention and acceptance in the Arab world than ever before. This has led to an entirely unorthodox scenario for the advancement of e-learning programs in the region, where an exaggerating number of academic facilities are now embracing the idea of e-learning. The history may not be so positive Continue Reading

A helpful checklist to bear in mind when you are buying a property in Dubai

So, you’ve decided it’s time for you to purchase a property in Dubai? But, how can you make a successful and business orientated decision without letting your heart rule? Follow this short and useful checklist to make sure everything is in order for you to buy your new home in the emirate. Once you have Continue Reading

Important things to bear in mind when looking to rent in Dubai

There are many things you should have on your checklist when you are looking to rent an apartment in Dubai, but sometimes people’s judgments are clouded by what their ‘perfect property’ wish list includes, rather than taking a more sensible stance when searching for a property. Of course the place you will be calling home Continue Reading