Ecotourism in Dubai

Dubai is a burgeoning new international metropolis that has rocketed itself onto the world stage through a massive campaign of real estate developments that have lifted a jungle of steel, concrete and glass high into the heavens. It is a haven for travelers, traders and tourists from all walks of life who come to marvel at its masterfully crafted architectural wonders. This artificial landscape may be the face that this state of the United Arab Emirates hopes to portray to the world, but under the glittering and gleaming spires is a much more natural and timeless beauty that stands in contrast to the fast-paced future city that is modern Dubai.

Dunes of the Dubai Desert

Dunes of Dubai ( Photo Credit: Alfredi )

For a more guided trip you should take advantage of the Al Maha Desert Resort, a pricey but breathtaking natural preserve and resort. Measuring 225 square kilometers, Al Maha provides the opportunity to explore desert life in comfort with 30 Bedouin style chalets, bedecked with creature comforts to unwind at the end of your safari. A guide will take you throughout the preserve to experience the awe-inspiring beauty of pre-industrial Dubai.

Take Pleasure in the Persian Gulf

Dubai is a coastal state that is situated near the tip of the Arabian Peninsula and is a prime location for any nautical adventure underneath the waves of the Persian Gulf. Whole families of sea turtles take residence off the shore of Dubai and green sea turtles in particular are quite common. Indo-pacific humpback dolphin pods travel back and forth along the waters and can be spotted off the coast of Dubai.

There are a wide number of resorts and businesses that provide diving lessons, equipment and guides to explore the waves with an expert. Should you desire a more leisurely approach, there are also services that offer submarine rides so that you can sit back and relax while you enjoy what the waters have to offer. While you are on land, don’t forget to check out the Dubai Aquarium located inside the Dubai Mall. The Aquarium has over 33,000 marine animals and holds the world record for the largest acrylic viewing panel.

Dubai aquarium at Dubai Mall (Photo Credit: Leandro Neumann Ciuffo )

Avian Arab Emirate

When you have had your fill of the bounty of earth and sea, then turn your gaze upward and marvel at the beauty of Dubai’s avian life. Many locations throughout the emirate and the city itself are renowned for the magnificent varieties of birds that take roost. The best spot to take in as many aerial species as possible is at the Ras Al Khor wetland reserve early in the morning. Huge flocks of birds frequent this area during their migrations. Ras Al Khor is also the proud home to a few hundred greater flamingos. This reserve is also one of the few attractions in Dubai that is free and prospective birdwatchers can hole up in a series of three birding hides and take in the visual splendor.

Ras Al Khor Wildlife Sanctuary

While the mad dash to become the icon of 21st century modernity has left little room for environmental concerns, Dubai is coming around to realizing the necessity of preserving its natural heritage for posterity. Numerous mega developments in the planning stages will incorporate natural preserves and nature features that will brilliantly juxtapose the synthetic elegance of its sprawling cities.